Friday, December 30, 2011

I've moved!

I moved my blog....I hope ya'll will visit me at the new website, update your RSS feeds, etc.!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Make a Gift Tag out of a Christmas Ornament

Sometimes, the way a present is wrapped is as exciting as a gift itself. For a recent birthday party, I came up with this fun way to add a gift tag to the box.

I wrote the recipient's name on a clear glass Christmas ornament with a kelly green paint marker. My original intention was to fill the inside of the ornament with snips from the birthday boy's party invite. After that went terribly wrong, I curled tiny bits of lime green curling ribbon and put it inside the ornament. (The wrapping paper is actually brown craft paper, my latest obsession. More on that another time.)
I did have a bit of a blond moment by using a glass ornament. Seeing as how it was for a child's birthday party, plastic would have been far more suitable. It did, however, make it into his mother's hands safely. :) If you do try this for a child, I suggest using the plastic version of this type of ornament.
I know you are all up to your elbows in gift wrap and bows right now....this is the perfect, simple finishing touch!

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Cutest Christmas Cookie Swap You Ever Did See

A good friend of mine hosted a Christmas Cookie Swap for our group of friends. While it was traditional in that we each baked one type of cookie and brought enough for each attendee, there was a quirky spin-the hostess would be giving out awards for Best Packaging, First to RSVP, Most Unique Cookie, Cutest Apron, and the big one-Miss Gingerbread Golden Spatula. It was hilarious and so much fun....I just had to share it with you all!

I baked Lemon Lime Crackle Cookies. (Click the link to see the recipe.) They were good, but a bit of a pain to make. When you are baking that many cookies, the dough is hard to work with. I aimed for 156 cookies so each person would get 12, and after HOURS of baking I gave up and decided 6 per girl would suffice.

This is a snippet of my kitchen while the craziness was going on. Everything was covered in powdered sugar...even the dog.

My little taste tester (tasting his first "official" Christmas cookie ever.)

It was well received.

I packaged my cookies by stacking 6 cookies and wrapping them first in a green polka dot napkin for a whimsical pop of color and again with clear cellophane wrap. I tied the ends with red curling ribbon for a festive touch.

Some of the yummy cookies and cute packaging....

We all had so much fun! And yes, everyone wore their aprons.

Look at little "Miss Gingerbread" holding her Golden Spatula (seated on the ottoman.) The game is ON for next year, missy. :)

A huge thank you to Jackie for hosting the party-I haven't laughed so hard in forever, and there is nothing that puts you in the Christmas spirit like having a good time with great friends.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Christmas Tree Farm

When we decided to get our Christmas tree the other day, I figured we'd probably go to our usual Christmas tree lot. But once we got into the car, my husband informed me that he found a new place for us to visit. After a bit of a drive, we pulled up to the Cedar Lake Tree Farm in Iron Station, NC. And.....he did good.
Briggs got to see the petting zoo as soon as we walked in.

The entire place looked like Christmas and smelled like pine and burning wood from the fire pit.

It was the perfect place for children....seeing it through Briggs' eyes made it even more special.

Santa Claus even made an appearance...hence the hesitant face you see below.

This is the closest to the big guy he would get.
The farm was full of warmth and rustic beauty. We had such a wonderful time...we will definitely be returning next year!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dixie Peaches Couture

Have you all heard about the new line Dixie Peaches Couture? It is a brand based around a Southern lifestyle...and it is adorable. They have the cutest t-shirts! I was so excited when our package arrived and I realized how soft they were as well!

My t-shirt in the picture below is one of many adorable gingham designs that have quirky Southern sayings on them.

Look at this cute little tee for my little guy! It has a little bow tie on it-LOVE!

Men's T-Shirt:

Visit the Dixie Peaches Couture website! You will love the products and how sweetly they represent the laid back style of the South.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Decorating with Christmas Ornaments

Hello there. Remember me? I have been lost in a sea of monograms. I am trying to decorate for the holidays, bake cookies, ship monograms...and I keep trying to figure out how my house got so messy. Fa la la la la!

But, nonetheless, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here. And I have been hanging ornaments EVERYWHERE. I tied pink and green ornaments to coordinating ribbon and hung them from the tall bookshelf.

(The picture below was my inspiration picture.)

And I had the sweetest little helper the entire time I decorated!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Remember my monogrammed wreath post?
Well, I enjoyed working with that monogram so much that I am happy to say that I will now be selling my own wooden monograms!

They are cut from high quality birch wood and are available in 6", 14", and 18" sizes. The 6" monograms are lightweight enough to use as gift toppers...perfect timing for the holidays! The 14" and 18" are perfect for wreaths, hanging on the wall with ribbon, or simply propping on a shelf or a mantel.

Shop for them here!