Sunday, December 18, 2011

Make a Gift Tag out of a Christmas Ornament

Sometimes, the way a present is wrapped is as exciting as a gift itself. For a recent birthday party, I came up with this fun way to add a gift tag to the box.

I wrote the recipient's name on a clear glass Christmas ornament with a kelly green paint marker. My original intention was to fill the inside of the ornament with snips from the birthday boy's party invite. After that went terribly wrong, I curled tiny bits of lime green curling ribbon and put it inside the ornament. (The wrapping paper is actually brown craft paper, my latest obsession. More on that another time.)
I did have a bit of a blond moment by using a glass ornament. Seeing as how it was for a child's birthday party, plastic would have been far more suitable. It did, however, make it into his mother's hands safely. :) If you do try this for a child, I suggest using the plastic version of this type of ornament.
I know you are all up to your elbows in gift wrap and bows right now....this is the perfect, simple finishing touch!

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