Tuesday, May 24, 2011

An "English Garden" Inspired Flower Bed

We built our home 2 years ago, and our backyard is pitiful. I mean, it needs a LOT of work. We have spent the past two years trying to grow grass, and now that we have some, we are determined to begin landscaping. My first project: a small, modest, English Garden inspired flower bed beside the back porch.

I'm growing:


(image from http://www.panacheexteriordesign.com/plants/salvia.jpg)
(the image above is just too pretty not to share)

My ACTUAL Salvia below

and Lavender

Similar in style, but the mix of the two flowers have a natural and romantic feel. For the border of the flower bed, I found the following old scalloped brick edging and decided to whitewash it.

To whitewash brick:

1. Mix 5 parts Hydrated Lime (found in farm supply stores-be careful not to buy dolomite lime which is used commonly on your lawn and found at Lowes or Home Depot) with 1 part table salt. I add enough water to it to make a loose pancake batter-like mixture.

2.Paint the mixture on with a paintbrush, and let it dry.

I love the finished brick. One of the reasons I chose to whitewash the brick (rather than paint it) is because it will actually age gracefully over time, requiring little maintenance. The more worn it becomes, the more it will add to the "English" charm.

The end result:

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