Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dining Room Sideboard

I wanted to find the perfect sideboard for my dining room. I took measuring tape into the room and measured out my "perfect" piece of furniture. Several days later, I found a dresser/sideboard (look at all the drawers!) in ReStore with the EXACT measurements I had created! It had to be mine.

All it took was a little black paint and stain (for the antiquing)

and it became the exact sideboard I was looking for. I added a polycrylic topcoat to make it durable (LOVE Minwax's all I use.) All of the drawers hold serving trays, silver, linens, etc. It's functional and well, just pretty to look at.


  1. An instant classic! Would look fab in my kitchen!! I'm signing on... my icon is the chicken. Hope you will come over and visit, Andrea @

  2. Thanks, Andrea! Thanks for following, too! I LOVE your blog as well...I am YOUR newest follower!

  3. That is a great sideboard makeover. It looks so much better in black! Great job.