Thursday, June 23, 2011

Make cleaning dishes easier!

I went through a phase where I refused to boil pasta or potatoes because I could not stand to clean the dishes afterwards. You know what I'm talking about-that slick....dare I say it....slimy feel that boiling a carbohydrate leaves on your strainer, pots, etc. You scrub and scrub only to find after rinsing that you need to scrub once more. Such a pain, and so not worth it.

Seriously, who has the time?

However, I am married to a man who loves his potatoes, and I love my pasta, so I knew I needed to find a solution. And low and behold...I found it....


Yes, good old distilled vinegar is the answer. Just before you wash that dish (or, like me, stick it in the dishwasher) pour vinegar on a paper towel and wipe the dish with it. The vinegar will allow you to simply wipe away the residue, and then you can clean it as you normally would. Why? Vinegar breaks down the carbohydrate just as it does when you are making a vinaigrette. (I thought of trying vinegar after Rachel Ray suggested mixing vinegar with different jellies to make fruity vinaigrettes.)

Hopefully this tip helps you save a little time so you can spend it doing more important things.

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