Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Under the Ferns

The second it starts to get warm....I retreat to my favorite place: our front porch. I sit in my rocking chair and say hello to all of my neighbors who have also come outside to enjoy the perfect Carolina weather. Nice as it is, it just isn't summer until I get my hanging ferns.

I get them EVERY spring from Old Store Produce in Huntersville, NC, and I enjoy them all summer long. I only get them from Old Store -they have the largest ferns I have seen.

Last year, I asked one of the store's owners, Madeline Phillips, how she got the ferns to grow so beautifully. She told me her secrets, and I have used them successfully. By September, they look like Weeping Willows.

Madeline's Tips:

Water the ferns every night, and only at night-they respond better.

Once a week, add one tsp of Epsom salt and a capful of clear ammonia to a gallon of water. (I myself was too afraid I bought the wrong ammonia last year, and only did the Epsom salt. This year, I'm determined to try the ammonia as well!)

Old Store Produce

While I enjoy my little "escape" onto our front porch, I am even happier to go back inside to the little face peering through the window at me.

I hope you all are having a very beautiful summer.

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