Sunday, July 31, 2011

Organizing My Pantry

After I had my baby, it became difficult to find the time to do basic cleaning, let alone organizing. Now that he is a little more independent (and takes good naps) :) I am tackling each of the neglected spots in my house. It's amazing how "out of control" the stuff can get!

Today's project: the pantry. Oh Lord. It was BAD. Not so "charming," eh?

First thing I did was completely empty it out and gave it a good scrub down. I was about to paint the inside of it on a whim, but naps aren't THAT long, and you have to draw the line somewhere.

I tossed things that were old and things that were just never going to be used. I broke out my label maker and began sorting.

I separated everything into categories and put a label on the wall behind each "section." I find that labels help our family remember to put things where they belong rather than just toss them somewhere.

I must have opened it about 20 times since then, just to look inside! Now I can check one thing off the list!

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